Caring for a loved one or seeking care for someone, is often emotionally, physically and financially challenging. In America today, there are a staggering 44 million family caregivers, many of whom require assistance. The approaching decade, 2020-2030, will bring an unprecedented increase in the number of family caregivers providing care. Simultaneously, there will be fewer and fewer paid and unpaid caregivers available to take on these responsibilities.

Family caregivers are critical in this public health crisis. Many, however, do not even identify themselves as “family caregivers”, but rather as sons and daughters, spouses, grandparents, grandkids and parents, doing the right thing for a loved one. Disturbing trends, though, are shifting complex medical tasks to these unprepared and untrained family members.

How can we begin to help families during this crisis?
Welcome to Caring America, your resource dedicated to improving the lives of family caregivers through information, education, advocacy and support.



Caring America will provide information and perspectives to stakeholders through a variety of social media platforms and traditional media. Family caregiving is multi-faceted and Caring America will examine caregiving for veterans, youth caregivers, sandwich caregivers, caregiving in time of disasters, health literacy issues, family dynamics, distance caregiving, caregiving around the world and many more topics. Sign up for our blog and regular updates and make sure to check our social media platforms regularly.
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Non Profit Consulting

Non-profit organizations play an out-sized role in the caregiving space with programs geared to assist with one aspect of family caregiving or another. Caring America works with non-profits in an effort to create a win-win for the organization and family caregivers.
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Family caregiving is now front and center in state capitals as well as in Washington. Passage of the RAISE Family Caregiver Act calls for the development of a national caregiving strategy by the Department of Health and Human Services. A fifteen-member Family Caregiving Advisory Council will assist. On the state level, NJ and WI have joined 8 other states in undertaking their own statewide task forces on caregiving. Caring America stands ready to assist all such efforts to create better approaches to this issue.
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Americans that are family caregivers

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